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300 mm Film Frame Carrier Magazines 25 slots

POWATEC’s 300 mm magazine was developed to comply with the SEMI Standard G77-0699. They have a very light weight and are yet very robust.

Key features:

  • Accepts 25 pcs 300 mm Film Frame Carriers
  • Weight 4950g
  • Compact and robust
  • Integrated automatic lock system 
  • Dust cover
  • Human handles
  • Stackable
  • SEMI standard G77-0699

Capacity and Material

  • POWATEC offers the magazine in capacity of 25 slots which are completely made of aluminium except for the cover.


  • Special attention was paid to the weight of the magazine in order to keep it low. Each possibility was undertaken to minimize the weight. In spite of the low weight the magazine is exceptionally tough. In its comparison with the competitors product POWATEC’s magazine is the most light.

Automatic Lock System

  • POWATEC developed an automatic lock system which precludes frame from sliding out of the magazine during transportation. The lock system is set at one side and is based on the natural gravitational force; no additional efforts are required. The operator has always a possibility to take one or a few wafers out for quality control through a simple opening of the lock system. Furthermore, transparency of the cover enables a visual inspection.

Frame Entering Guide

  • POWATEC created the frame entering guide in such a way that each angle is milled. Frames slide into the magazine without effort and make the jamming of the carrier impossible. Each precluded machine jam” increases the production (MBF) and eliminates unnecessary costs.


  • The 25-slot version can be stacked without a problem.

Swiss Quality

  • POWATEC’s magazine is completely made in Switzerland. Each magazine will be subject to a final control and will get a production number. This allows us to define exactly the production date when problems occur and to provide certain improvements of the production. With the help of the production number we always know where the magazine is used.


  • POWATEC gives 3-year-guarantee for the work and materials.


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