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WAFER MOUNTER MODEL P-300 - up to 300 mm Wafer and Frame

POWATEC wafer mounter Model P-300 allows bonding of films on wafer / substrate and frame in a single pass. The wafer is held by vacuum during the mounting process to an antistatic frits (carbon). This frits protects the wafer surface during the adhering process and absorbs any dirt particles. Using a rubber roller, the foil is mounted bubble free. With the cutting device, the film is cut on the frame and separated by the transverse diameter of the film roll.

Key features:

  • Single-pass mounting of sticky tape and wafer onto frame, up to 300 mm
  • Rectangluar substrates, fractions of wafers as well as bumped wafers can be processed
  • Wafers up to 30 ยต thickness can be processed
  • Quick and easy conversion to different wafer, frame and foil types
  • Compact, robust table design
  • Short installation and start up time
  • Low operating cost
  • UPH, mounted wafers/h up to 80 pcs


  • Film frame conversion kit 8"
  • Automatic unit for winding up the cover tape of the UV tape
    (PTW) Protection Tape Winder
  • Active protection against static charges (ASB)
  • Table with storage space, suitable for clean room