Manual EXPANSION TOOL 4" - 300 mm grip rings

The POWATEC Expansion Tool allows the expansion of the foil after dicing. The larger diameter grip ring is placed in the upper support of the Expansion Tool. The smaller grip ring is placed in the base support of the Expansion Tool. Between the two supports, the diced wafer on the film frame is placed on the base plate. Then the grip rings are pressed together, which in turn expands the foil. The now larger gap between the dies makes it easier for the die bonder to pick the dies from the sticky foil.

Key features:

  • FrameCarrierand gripring sizecan be freely combined
  • Mounting ofGripringswith foilpossible
  • Compact and robusttool
  • Short installation andimplementation time
  • Easyto maintain
  • Productivityup to90expansions/ hr.


  • Manual press, type Weidmann


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